Drives and Operators
Quality made in Germany

Gate and door drives by BELFOX.

Safety drived from experience.

The product diversity of our drives is something that is really made evident through BELFOX’ extraordinary systems. In addition to  paying attention to the classic demands, BELFOX also relies on modern control systems, high-grade materials and state-of-the-art digital systems with touch and smart mobility functions.

BELFOX ships door drives to locations all over the world, with the main sectors being sliding gate drives, swing gate drives, speedgate drives, drives for exterior doors and barrier systems. Our customers especially value our competencies in producing custom-made and customer specific solutions. This in particular is where BELFOX makes the difference. We work on our customers’ projects uniquely and according to the individual needs. At BELFOX we don`t offer off-the-shelf solutions. Every customer is supported in accordance with his wishes and demands. BELFOX gives the customers a sense of security, that thanks to experience, proficiency and reliability, the result will be perfect. Powerful drives result from suppliers and manufacturers working together, hand in hand. That is the reason we live by the principle “Our customers are like friends” every single day.

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