BELFOX is your expert when it comes
to gate and door drives

BELFOX – Powerful gate and door drives.

Gate and door automation only different.

BELFOX is a special company name. This name contains everything that makes our products special. “Bel” means beautiful in different languages, and “Fox” is an animal known to be smart, fast and elegant. The combination of beauty, intelligence, speed and elegance also describes our products pretty well, because door drives by BELFOX are all of the above.

BELFOX has been developing and producing door and gate drive systems distributed across Europe for over 32 years. BELFOX is market leader in several countries. BELFOX produces quality “made in Germany” at its Kalbach facility. For many years BELFOX has worked on becoming a renowned specialist for bespoke door and gate drive systems and custom-made products. The international focus in the early years is precisely why BELFOX is a reliable partner for door and gate drive systems in the industry and gate manufacturers across Europe. The consulting and distribution team is supporting our customers across Europe and overseas, and managing projects with their own development competencies. Rrezarta Beqiraj is running the business as Managing CEO together with the Managing Director Edgar Fierle. The management board has a close relationship with the customers, embracing the maxim “Our customers are like friends”. Because only close collaboration, modern processes and excellent production capabilities, make door and gate drives that are the best fit for the customer possible.

BELFOX is a long-established company with deep-rooted values. In addition to the modern and fair orientation, frankness, transparency, honesty, safety and experience, are the pillars on which the business culture rests. Many innovations were developed by BELFOX. The in-house R&D center offers room for innovations and customer-oriented technologies for modern gate and door drive systems. BELFOX is set-up for a promising future. New building projects, additional staff and new ideas complete the company’s progressive orientation. BELFOX lives and loves innovation for customer satisfaction, BELFOX makes progress for product quality, and BELFOX promotes individuality for perfection of door and gate drive systems.

Get to know BELFOX. We are driven by your satisfaction.