Control Elements
Safety meets functionality

Control elements for every situation.

Safety and comfort become one.

Manual and radio-controlled control elements ensure a comfortable and safe functionality of the door drives. Whether directly at the gate, using a key switch, or from afar by means of a remote control or mobile app, BELFOX control elements give you convenient control over your gate.

Whether key switch, emergency stop button or coded radio control switch, BELFOX offers the matching solution for every door drive. BELFOX’ control elements provide safe and reliable admission control. The BELFOX app allows you to request a gate status report or even operate the gate from afar. Convenience at the highest level.

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Control elements by BELFOX

  • App with GSM control card

  • Fingerprint scanner

  • Coding switch

  • Transponder reader

  • Open-stop-close switch

  • Emergency stop button

  • Year time switch

  • Key switch

  • Push button


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